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In ancient times, many people viewed mental health as demonic possession. Ancient Greek and Roman writing wrote of mental illness as a “personal problem.”  Fast-forward to modern times and mental illness still has a stigma to it. However, that stigma is starting to become old fashion.


Many celebrities are speaking out about their personal struggles with mental illness. You might also know someone, or you personally, are coping with a mental illness.  Everyone coming together to speak up and start a discussion about mental illness is leading the way in helping destigmatize mental health.

Mindfulness practices are also gaining in popularity.  Being mindful helps you to focus on your state of being and encourages reflection. It can promote calm and is therapeutic.  Mindfulness therapy has it’s benefits. Having doubts? Check out this article about it. It’s backed by science and encouraging more people to participate and include it into their work routine and in schools.

We are well on our way to recognizing mental health for what it is – a health issue. Join the discussion today. Help end the stigma.

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How Does Compulsive YouTube Use Differ From Binge-Watching?

Read Time: 4 minutes Streaming services changed our behavior and the way we watch video and television. Compulsive streaming and binge-watching are normal.

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A New Way to Think About How You Form Memories和搜子居住的日子158 和搜子居住的日子158 ,a级车性价比最高的是啥 a级车性价比最高的是啥 ,3atv日本一道高清在线 3atv日本一道高清在线

Read Time: 3 minutes New research shows the brain creates memories in both short-term and long-term memory at the same time, disrupting previously held concepts of memory.